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A Horseback Ride With Friends


A horseback ride is everything it’s cracked up to be!

Earlier this year, when a few close friends and I returned from vacation,we made two vows; To spend more time with each other, and to try something new and adventurous each month. During our time away and unplugged from the Matrix, we realized that we had gotten caught up in existing instead of really living, and it was time to make some changes.

Some of those things on my bucket list have been; skydiving, whale watching, and to face the things I fear most, but on the very top was horseback riding.

Over the weekend, we saddled up, and went on an hour-long horseback ride at Sunset Ranch. It was extremely hot, but the views of the city from up in the mountains were amazing, including the Hollywood Sign, Downtown Los Angeles and the Griffith Observatory. The one thing that I was not prepared for was the aching muscles I endured the next day and my booty was burning from balancing on that saddle. Also, you are given instructions ahead of time on how to make the horses walk faster, run and turn in any given direction ahead of the ride, however, I had a few moments when I panicked because the horses love to walk the edge of the trails and one misstep could send you flying down a cliff.

Other than that, it was a pretty cool experience and I’m ready for my next ride.

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What are some things you hope to try out this year?

  • 21 Mar ’14

    My top bucket list “to do” is meeting michael b jordan and interviewing him in person….that can go under career wants too I guess lol

  • 21 Mar ’14

    I will definitely be the first one to admit, that I am merely existing.. I used to be this outgoing person until the real world hit me and I began getting “real” bills. I used to dream about pursuing my dreams and moving to the “the Big City” but life hit me with a realistic blow, and I began simply living for the paycheck. I would definitely like to go back to being that girl who dreams, but its hard. Real talk.

    • Necole
      21 Mar ’14

      You can do it! Maybe set small goals first. Something as simple as, I’m going to take this hour trip out of town. It’s crazy how life can start weighing us down and we get set into a routine and it’s hard to step out of it just for a day to do things that we’ve never done and the things that make us the most happy

  • 21 Mar ’14

    La Tomatina in Spain is definitely on my bucket list for this year!

  • 21 Mar ’14

    I want to visit the Grand Canyon.

  • 21 Mar ’14

    Definitely living. I find all the fun things to do and go do it. I taught myself to swin, I have done several ziplines and the list goes on. I charge everyone to go out and have fun, if it’s even just to walk with your camera and take random pictures or to take up walking or jogging. When you get home you will be amase how looking back on those photos put a smile on your face or how you feel after a walk or a run.

  • 21 Mar ’14

    Thanks Necole,I am definitely feeling like there is more to life than what I’m doing.I am stuck in a rut but maybe if I focus on one thing at a time,it will be a lot easier to focus.Thanks for the advice. : )

  • 22 Mar ’14

    rite now, existing…..shame to say but thats what it is for me….

  • 22 Mar ’14

    Sounds like a story line from the movie “A Family that Preys”.

  • 22 Mar ’14

    Cute horsies!

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