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Amber Rose Gets Personal

Amber Rose Gets Personal

Amber In The Housseeee!

Last week, I had the honor of interviewing Ms. Rose in New York and I learned how to throw up the Taylor gang sign LOL!

My vision for the interview was to have an unrestricted ‘Girl Talk’ and leave the audience feeling as though they were getting a birds eye view of two close friends chopping it up.  At the last minute, we decided to stream it live on Ustream which was interesting and a bit nerve-racking.

Going into the interview, I was a little nervous that she may be defensive or that she was going to shut down some of the questions I had for her, especially those pertaining to Kanye, but she surprisingly was pretty open. I learned a lot about her during that short time (ie how she ended up stripping at the age of 15 and a little insight into their relationship).  I can truly say I left the interview with a whole new level of respect for her.

Take a peek at some video

I gotta watch those hands next time. Yikes lol ;p

  • Nellie
    17 Jan ’12

    Wow! Great interview Necole. It’s nice to see an interview asking her more than about Kanye West. I got to get a glimpse of who she is and more of what she thought in regards to her life and now and before. It’s things I have seen before in written articles/blogs. But, nothing beats a face to face taped interview. Like you said before I a have new view on her. I can’t be mad at someone building a career off the attention that the internet and paparazzi gave her. I’m happy that she is happy.

  • Allsmilz
    18 Jan ’12

    Love Amber..I’m forever a Rosebud:)…Nice interview Necole<3

  • Karen
    18 Jan ’12

    Amber Rose is the kind of woman you want to believe in, you want to cosign, you want to jump on the #Teambandwagon with, BUT her entrance has a certain amount of dishonesty about it that you can’t put your finger on but you know it’s there. And no one’s perfect but some things (from the things in her life that really didn’t need to be said to Kanye)are better left unsaid than said at the wrong time. People identify with you more by the examples that you set…not by the people you make as an example not to follow after.

  • 29 Jan ’12

    Amber, you put IT out there so stand on it! Don’t back down from it or try to explain it.

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