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Ask Away…

– Ask Away…


A young lady by the name of Tanaya sent me this ear lace in the mail. I think it’s pretty hot.  You can view her stuff at http://lacebytanaya.com

I think it’s great when young women find something creative and turn it into a business venture.  A friend of mine called the other day and she was saying how the people at her job get on her nerves and how she wish she could start a business but she doesn’t know what she could do. I said well you did a “GREAT” job painting your bedroom. You could start there. Sometimes our gifts our right under our nose.

I mean I started in my aunt’s guest room, broke as hell, updating a wordpress blog with stuff I found interesting in the celeb world and turned it into a business. Who would have thought?

Anyway, I try to update this thing more often but at times I have trouble finding inspiration and things to talk about. In the meantime, if you want to know anything about me, the business, etc etc ask away and I’ll answer your questions.

  • 8 Mar ’10

    you are pretty!! i have a lot of questions lol but i will only ask one for now….. my question is what is your ultimate goal in life?

  • Da'jah ~Bored @ work~
    8 Mar ’10

    Thanks for your inspiration Necole but I asked you a question yesterday on the last post… I’m still waiting on your advice. LOL My question is, can one actually become successful from blogging or is it just more to that?

  • 8 Mar ’10

    Hey Necole! Love you &your site mama! You are doing big things. My question would be this: how do you deal with friends and users? You know you have your friends and then you have those who try to befriend you just to be in your circle to experience the things that you do. I have dealt with this before and I always like to see how others handle these people.

    Keep up the fly work!

  • Newme2010
    8 Mar ’10

    Your’re really pretty. Are you ever going to go to L.A and write your story/

  • Denise
    8 Mar ’10

    Hi Necole! You have such inspirational stories on your blog I love it! I wanted to know what would be your advice to someone who is about to start practicing The Secret? Also, besides your blog and finances did anything else improve in your life once you started applying The Secret? Keep those hot credible post coming girl! Lol… Im addicted to your website it is like my daily Frappuccino!

  • Necole
    8 Mar ’10

    I’ll be answering some of these questions tomorrow.

  • jdaymia906
    9 Mar ’10

    hey necole! just wanted to stop through and say “hey gurl”!!! You’ve updating this here more than usual. Trying to keep up now! Anyways… been in love with this blog since i stumbled over it last year. Keep doing your thing & i’ll keep reading… Would love to meet you one day! Peace n Luv!

  • Danielle
    9 Mar ’10

    How do you get past the self doubt? I’m starting out in my living room, broke as hell and laid off, and as many positive quotes and books I read (The Secret, Think and Grow Rich, I even bought a subliminal cd), I still think to myself ‘who gives a crap what I have to say?’ My ultimate goal is to write a book but I’m starting with a blog where I post whatever I come across that provokes me to respond. I guess I’m just wondering how did you move past your doubts (if you had any) and act on what you wanted? Thanks for your time!

  • ivyLEbon
    9 Mar ’10

    I visit this blog more than NB because it allows us to view just you. No personas or characters, just human emotion. I think that’s so cool & bold. This is supposed to be your diary, so make it your diary…Share.

  • 9 Mar ’10

    Hi Necole,

    You are pretty, strong and an inspiration to us all. I have so many questions to ask; I don’t where to begin….Dating, yes! I have not dated anyone in over 3 years. I am very guarded about my mind, my heart, and most importantly my body. I know this is a typical question, but what tips can you give me on opening up and attracting a decent man. I am tired of the clubs or blind dates. I figured I might as well get advice from one of the flyyest and the best…lol.

  • 9 Mar ’10

    I’m curious to know how you went about marketing your blog in the early days? I just started my blog barely a week ago and am looking for any advice you can offer.

    Thanks so much!

  • 10 Mar ’10

    Necole me again with some more questions
    what motivates you?
    what areas in your life u want to improve?
    who are some of your inspiration?
    what has been the most challenging thing for u to overcome while being a business woman?

  • 11 Mar ’10

    I would love for you to answer Danielle’s question…

    I need to get over that nagging voice in my head that I can’t, when really no one has set a limit for me so there is no reason for me to NOT reach for my goals… The self-doubt still remains though :/

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