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Bitchie Book Club Selection

Bitchie Book Club Selection

Next Selection For @BitchieBookClub: Forbidden Fruit: Love Stories From The Underground RailRoad
This is a collection of love stories about slavery-era couples, some enslaved, some free, most black, but a few interracial, who fought mobs, wolves, bloodhounds, bounty hunters, bullets and social taboos to preserve their relationships. For both the black couples and interracial ones, lasting love was the forbidden fruit, the apple no one was supposed to bite. Yet all of these couples insisted on leaping at life and love, no matter what price they had to pay.

In this collection you’ll meet a young slave girl who travels inside a wooden chest to meet her fiance, a Canadian runaway who outlives five wives, a man who literally carries his wife to freedom and a black man who trades his freedom for love.


I can’t say how excited I am about reading this book in a day and age where love is either not taken seriously, or is taken for granted. Let’s take it back to the days were people fought and risked their lives for true love.


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