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The Black Weblog Awards ‘Blogger Of The Year’ Dinner

Necole Bitchie Blogger Of The Year Black Weblog AwardsNecole Bitchie Black Weblog Awards 2

Necole Bitchie Black Weblog Awards

On November 2, I was honored as the ‘Blogger Of The Year’ by the Black Weblog Awards in Houston, TX. Before I was presented with the award, they played a video tribute that featured my friends, business associates and those closest to me, and I was an emotional wreck afterwards.

In my speech, I talked about how it was always my dream to go from city to city and inspire people, but that was cut short when I went to college and people teased me for the way I talked. I also addressed how people can discourage others from following their dreams, and how we never know how our words will affect people.

It’s crazy how one person can say something that kills your dream. You really have to be careful with the way your words affect people and I think as celebrity gossip and entertainment bloggers, we don’t really realize how one thing we may say about a celebrity can really affect their dream. And I don’t want to be that person.

“I believe when someone gives you a platform to speak, you should always say something meaningful”

Catch my speech below:

XONecole: Laughter, Tears & Wisdom With Tamar Braxton

Necole-Bitchie-and-Tamar-at-xoNecoles-Girl-Talk-With-Tamar Tamar-Braxton-and-Necole-Bitchie-xonecole
As 2013 is quickly coming to a close, I constantly look back on the things that has given me joy this year and one very big highlight for me was the xoNecole: Girl Talk With Tamar event. Back in February, after first posting on the success of YouTube blogger Beat Face Honey, I realized that I loved not only telling inspiring women’s stories, but giving them a platform to tell their own. So, I came up with the idea to create a site where myself and other women could share their personal stories on love, life, and relationships, with a little style and beauty thrown in the mix. That site would be xoNecole.

In August, right in the middle of the site being plagued by our web development team missing the mark on our vision (and us losing tons of money in the process), we decided to go ahead and launch an event series to kind of brand what we were trying to do. The first one was with Tamar Braxton, and she really didn’t hold back as she discussed her career, motherhood, her marriage, insecurities and more to a select group of women I picked from contest entries. Most of the women were either transplants to New York, new or expecting mothers, engaged, or newly married, and that event really was a special girl bonding moment for all of us. Everyone came alone but left with a new friend. We didn’t invite any press because we didn’t want to take away from the overall experience of the women in attendance.

It was that day that I realized, this is what I want to do.

Executing the official launch of xoNecole has been a bit of a struggle but I am determined not to lose site of my vision. Things that are really worth having don’t come easy.  That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned on this journey.

Watch the “Girl Talk recap”, plus photos below:

A Private Dinner For Cassie In Photos

Cassie Ventura at Dinner
After landing in LA two hours late, hours in the rental car line and opening my suitcase to realize I didn’t bring any clothes with me for BET Awards weekend (except for panties), a nice drama-free night with cocktails was just what I needed.

On Friday night, I attended an intimate, private dinner for Cassie Ventura sponsored by Ciroc in celebration of the success of her mixtape and her new Forever 21 campaign. It was really a good night of girls bonding over drinks, good conversation and showing mutual love, respect and appreciation for one another.

In attendance: LeToya Luckett, Lola Monroe, Adrienne Bailon, Julissa Bermudez, Karen Civil, Eleven 8 (Baller Alert), Eniko Parrish (Kevin Hart’s girlfriend), fashion designer Shateria, Mecca Moore and Valerie Lora.

As for my outfit, my good friend (who’s also a stylist) rushed me over a pair of pants from PRSVR, and a top and necklace from Top Shop. **sings** That’s what friends are for…

Necole Bitchie, Fallon and Lola Monroe
Necole Bitchie, Lola Monroe, Stasia, Adrienne Bailon and Julissa Bermudez Attend Cassie's Private Dinner
Eniko and Adrienne Bailon attend Cassie's Private Dinner   Lola Monroe and Cassie Eniko, Adrienne Bailon, Marilyn, Necole Bitchie, Julissa Bermudez, Lola Monroe and more attend Cassie's Private Dinner Mecca Moore, Adrienne Bailon, Julissa Bermudez, Shateria, Karen Civil and more attend Cassie's Private Dinner 

Wale’s The Gifted Listening Session In Photos

Necole and Tracy

Turn Up!

A much needed break from work and computer screen fatigue brought me out to Wale’s Listening session last week at Bryant Park Hotel. I didn’t know what to expect since the night prior, I was involved in a mini tweef with Meek Mill during Hot 97’s Summer Jam and I knew he’d be there. I was hoping we’d at least get to dap, but he stayed his distance and I stayed mine.

The night was long, but fun. Free D’usse cocktails and great music. The album was solid with memorable tracks like “Love Hate Thing, ” “Clappers” ft. Nicki Minaj, and of course the ‘Bad’ remix with Rihanna. I also finally had the chance to meet Ricky Rozay. [The lyrics, “F-ck a blog dawg cause one day we gonna meet” applies here.]

To my surprise he was really cool… and very friendly…

Maybe a little too friendly haha!

Necole and Rick Ross

Catch the imagery…


Elliott Wilson Wale Angie Martinez

The Happenings From Ciara’s Listening Session


On Tuesday night, my homegirl Aura over at Epic Records asked me to swing through Germanos Studio for Ciara’s listening session, and I felt it would be a nice little event to mingle, sip cocktails and listen to some new music.  I’ve been to quite a few listening events since I’ve been back in New York and the atmosphere normally consists of a room full of industry folks, sipping on the sponsored liquor of the night while networking and pretending to be listening to the album of the hour.

This definitely wasn’t that type of party.  First, I was a half-hour late and boy was it noticeable when I opened the door and caught Ciara mid-sentence talking about her album in front of an intimate room of maybe 15 journalists and bloggers. WHOOPS!  My bad. Ciara greeted me with a smile and I nervously shook Future’s hand (who was standing in front of the door) before scurrying across the room and promising myself that I would be at least 20 minutes early to the next event.

At any rate, the session began and

McDonald’s Flavor Battle Launch Party

Last night, it was all about the “Beats and Eats” as McDonald’s kicked off their national Flavor Battle competition in Times Square New York. I was on hand to celebrate the event (as social media correspondent) as well as Bow Wow, former X Factor finalist Astro and Amanda Seales.

Flavor Battle is a 13-week national DJ battle that launched on November 8th. The competition consists of 24 DJs who will battle it out for three rounds by submitting custom mixes to the Flavor Battle. Each day, you can listen to a custom mix from each DJ over at FlavorBattle.com and submit your votes. The DJ with the most votes will advance to the finale event in Miami where they will spin in front of a panel of celebrity judges which includes DJ Spinderella and Just Blaze, for a chance to win $10,000.

Check out a few flicks from the launch event last night below: