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Dove’s Beauty Patch Proves That Beauty Is A State Of Mind


Is what you see in the mirror a reflection of how you feel about yourself, or how others view who you are or what they think you should be?

As women, our self esteem has been damaged over the years thanks to the perception the media has put out of what beautiful should look like. We’re bombarded daily with products that will have you “glowing” in minutes, help you shed at least 2 inches off of your waistline and make your booty bigger, because you know…that’s supposed to be the standard.

But over time, you learn that beauty is a state of mind.

And that’s why I love this new campaign by Dove.Dove's Beauty Patch


Last week, the brand released a new viral video which proves that true beauty really does come from within. In the video, a researcher meets with several women who don’t feel beautiful and offers them the chance to test Dove’s new, fake, product called RBX aka the beauty patch. The patch is to be worn for 12 hours over two weeks and they’re told to keep a video diary to document their feelings. The women go from not noticing anything on Day 1 to feeling great about their selves by the end of the trial period. Once it’s over, they report back to the researcher with their testimonials of how life changing the patch is. He then tells them to turn over the packaging to read the ingredients.

When they do, the word “NOTHING” is written on the back of the packaging.


Dove said in a statement:

At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence not anxiety. So we created Dove: Patches and invited women to discover how the right state of mind can unlock a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women. Become part of the journey that will empower women around the world with the message that beauty is a state of mind.

Watch the video below:

This isn’t the first time Dove’s done something like this! Last year they had their “Real Beauty” campaign that showcased women of all sizes and backgrounds in nothing but their undergarments. From a marketing perspective it’s pretty ballsy when all of their products are geared towards the beautification of women but at the same time it’s refreshing. They’re sending messages that beauty is indeed within, you just have to believe in yourself and embrace your pretty.




  • 15 Apr ’14

    Confidence, like all things, is a state of mind. Many therapist use this form of intervention to make the point that all fears & feelings are mental…They use skittles as pills to cure ppl from fear of flying, etc…it works

  • 15 Apr ’14

    Ultimate trolling lol.

  • 15 Apr ’14

    It was a placebo…got it

  • 15 Apr ’14

    I love this

  • 15 Apr ’14

    This is so dope….

  • 15 Apr ’14

    That’s awesome

  • 15 Apr ’14


  • 15 Apr ’14

    I loved the message behind this commercial

  • 15 Apr ’14

    WOW……very powerful

  • 15 Apr ’14

    I don’t argue.it’s drug that prob messes with your chemical imbalance Like an anti-depressant

  • 15 Apr ’14

    Dove wants me to be in love with them… I am. It’s working.

  • 15 Apr ’14

    ^ Seriously Nancy! They’re pulling us in more and more with every commercial swear

  • 15 Apr ’14

    I so definitely have to say…..that this article is truly a blessing, because as women we have truly been broken down by the media and it’s standards amongst what makes us beautiful.

  • 15 Apr ’14

    That’s great but why would you think a patch could make you feel beautiful?

  • Ellimac
    15 Apr ’14

    Dove is all about beauty, but isn’t really a beautiful company. I learned in my geography class that one of the ingredients they use in many of their products come from a trees in forest grow in places like Malaysia. In return they’re killing all these tress and making a certain breed of monkeys extinct and of course killing that environment. And yes they are well aware of this. But it’s fine because they promote beauty. Yeah know. And a beauty patch?!? I’m not understanding why anyone would believe a patch would make them more beautiful to begin with. I give them props for trying to get women to see their inner beauty, but to me this was really more of a display of low self esteem. Beauty isn’t a state of mind, self esteem is.

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