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Love Comes In Unexpected Places

Love Comes In Unexpected Places

Good Afternoon,

I don’t really share much on my personal life because to be quite truthful, dating in this day and age is downright hard. Finding a soulmate is even harder.

When I have intimate chats with my friends about our personal lives, I notice the common theme is where to find a good man. I always jokingly tell them, “Well, he damn sure won’t be coming out of your TV, so you won’t find him by sitting on your couch watching Netflix on a Friday night.”

Balance is important so I recommend being proactive and open-minded when it comes to dating. Aside from hanging out in places I’m most likely to meet my match, I’ve personally tried dating apps, matchmakers, and even have had close friends set me up on blind dates. I’m embarrassed to say this but one of the best dates I’ve had last year was with a guy who reached out to me through Instagram DM, and after months of brushing him off (because who really wants to admit they met someone on the ‘gram?) I decided to meet him briefly while we were in the same city. I put absolutely no effort into my presentation and came down to my hotel lobby wearing sweats. Meanwhile, he was standing there well-dressed and looking finer than his photos. What I intended to be a five-minute “Hi” and “Bye,” turned into five hours of great conversation while exploring the city, frozen yogurts, strolling through a park looking at art installations, and later dinner. I didn’t want the night to end.

That incident taught me that you really have to be open when it comes to dating if you truly want to find love. Sometimes we have this idea of what it should look like, and it will show up in a totally different package than what we expected.

This is why I love the story of Bola and Ayana we recently featured on the site. Bola pursued Ayana, who was a single mom and fresh out of a relationship, on Twitter. Although she didn’t take him serious at first, over time, the two turned from friends to lovers, and now they are inseparable.

I hope you find as much joy in reading their story as I did. Also check out the couple who met in an Uber Pool, and now they are engaged.

If you have an interesting story of how you met your match, feel free to share!



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