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“I was pleased, impressed, and contemplated on the impact her decision was going to make for our generation. If she could leave the limelight for the search or the start of something different, something more, something of purpose and meaning, then who else could this inspire?”


Saba Tekle, Huffington Post


“Changing successful paths is not easy. I salute Necole for her courage and integrity.”


Tyra Banks


“I love Necole’s revamp. We’ve watched her become aware, responsible and purposeful.”


Keri Hilson


“Kane isn’t just inspiring her readers to read books, she’s pushing them to live the life of their dreams—-the way she’s been doing from day one. Necole found that her purpose was to get this generation out of a mental rut and to lead them wholeheartedly after their dreams.”


Kat, Gigberry.com


“Necole Kane taught us a lesson in entrepreneurship and growth [when she bid] farewell to her gossip blog NecoleBitchie.com to launch a women’s empowerment platform, xoNecole. “


Buzzfeed’s 29 Times #BlackGirlMagic Was More Than A Hashtag


“That moment when you wake up and realize you want to be more than what everyone else expects you to be. Necole’s final submission as a celebrity gossip blogger encapsulates the sentiments of anyone who has ever wanted to step out on faith, quickly realizing you are your only roadblock on the road less traveled. Necole’s transparency and vulnerability not only elevated her own career, but gave so many other young innovators the confirmation that it is absolutely okay to want more for yourself. Her courageous story transformed into a brand wrapped in fearlessness, creating a platform for free self-expression.”




“As her blog continued to grow in popularity, Necole unknowingly became a celebrity herself. However, with all the success she had accumulated,  Necole knew she was not truly living in her purpose.”


Sheen Magazine


“I love Necole’s transition; it’s such a beautiful thing. I love that she’s putting her heart and her soul into the new site because I can relate to that. I get chills just thinking about when I read her letter explaining her thought process behind the change because that resonated with me..”


Zuri Hall, E! News host


“Evolution can be a frightening prospect, especially when you’ve achieved so much success doing something. It’s clear that Necole has embraced her evolution. The end of Necole Bitchie marked the end of an era, and with the launch of xoNecole, the evolution of a woman dedicated to inspiring young women.”


Nia Phillip, CreativeSmartGirl


“The greatest act of self love and belief? Learning to walk away from what no longer serves you. It’s one thing to consider walking away from a cushy 9 to 5 but it’s another walk away from one of the top blogs in the country. But you did it. You made a decision for yourself and you acted on it. Necole, do you realize how profound that is?”


Melissa Kimble, Founder – Blk Creatives


“Necole took a lane that was underserved and she created an opportunity for herself. And through credibility and her work ethic, she built a brand that’s respected in the industry.”


Terrence J, Television Host/ Actor/Producer

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