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Run or Rise?

Venice Beach Necole Bitchie

Isn’t it crazy how we say we want certain things in our lives, and when they come, we continue to subconsciously push them out?

‘Go away, go away, go away!’

It’s called fear.

In life, we end up being scared of the things we want most and as a result, we run from them versus chasing and claiming what could rightfully be ours.

It all boils down to realizing first, that you are giving the ‘push back,’ which normally happens when you find yourself thinking, ‘I can’t do this because,’ ‘it will never happen to me because..’ ‘I’d love to do that BUT’

BUT is always the doorway to an excuse…

Next, you have to figure out how bad you want it.

Ask yourself, “Is this something I want right now?”

And if so, truly know that you deserve it! Whatever it is that you want.   Sometimes we push things out of our lives or say that the things we really want, would be impossible for us to get because deep down we don’t think we are deserving.

From there, you can either:

Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise.

Your destiny is based on your decisions.


Photo: A random day in Venice | Shirt by Bryon Javar | Boyfriend Jeans by Zara

  • Keshia
    10 Mar ’14

    Hey Necole,

    This post came at the perfect timing. I really needed to hear these words. I want to make some positive changes and experience growth in my life but sometimes I feel like I run away from things or am too scared to face them. Thank you so much for inspiring so many people. I’ve been following your blogs for years now and your story has inspired me in ways that you cannot even imagine. I read “The Secret” and “The Alchemist” because of you. I’m a huge fan and would love to meet you one day!

    Have a blessed day 🙂

  • Devilina Angelic
    10 Mar ’14

    We each fear something but debilitating fear is almost crippling!

  • 10 Mar ’14

    This Post is speaking to me right now as I am about to embark on two new journeys in my career and its scary but I have to push forward and step out of my comfort zone! Your words just confirmed that yes it may seem impossible but god wouldnt have placed it here in front of me if he knew I wasnt ready.#pushthru

  • 10 Mar ’14

    This is the exact article that I was needing for today, because it so puts thoughts into my mind…..and makes me TRULY look deep within myself and question “Who am I”.. and “What is my purpose in life”.

  • 10 Mar ’14

    Hey Miss Necole !

    Semi unrelated: Thank you for this blog. I am loving this jazzy updated personal blog of yours….I remember running into your story YEARS back and I have been so inspired by your story. Ive been a fan of you and what you choose to share for so many reasons, woman!
    Related: I am choosing to Rise! I live in Ohio and at 26 I have found myself in a career(9-5) I have -zero interest! I visited LA this past summer and it changed my life when I saw the sunset in the mountains and of course everything else appealing. I knew I had to wake up and stop wasting my dreams! I’m on my path and I am saving saving saving in order to make that leap of faith to where I will love what I do every morning that I wake up as well as continue to strive for even more. I am debatebly an ‘introvert’ like you had mentioned so I actually take great pride and build power knowing I am working towards everything on my own!! I will be living the start of my dream later this year. I would love to meet you one day! I wish you continued strength courage and power to succeed !! 🙂

  • Violette
    11 Mar ’14

    Dear Necole,

    Your blog makes me believe you might finally have found the love you’ve been waiting for and you’re afraid to dive into it now that it’s here 🙂

    Thank you so much for the strength you give me everyday. You are my real life hero and I know I will be able to tell you this someday face to face 🙂

    PS: we were born on the exact same day 6 years apart so reading your story gives me faith that if I keep working hard my life will turn out as great as yours!

  • Dee
    11 Mar ’14

    I’m failing my exams and I’m trying desperately to follow the right F.E.A.R.

  • Brittaney
    12 Mar ’14

    Hi Necole, this post is what I needed. I’ve been trying to have faith that everything will workout the way there are suppose to be but I let fear get the best of me. I’m slowly trying to overcome my fears and doubts, thanks for being a light and inspiration.

  • Shayla
    19 Mar ’14

    I want that shirt Necole !

  • 20 Mar ’14

    I saw the title. I instantly thought of a slope. See, I am an educator and rise over run is the one of the ways we figure out the coordinate values of a slope. I always had a difficult time remembering if you figure out the rise or the run first. Rise always comes first, it is always over run. This article will serve as a great reminder of that. Even as I work heart-fully and “heart-feltly” on my own blog.

    Swing by some time. Updates weekly at KittyWhipp.wordpress.com

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