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She Didn’t Quit

That girl that you follow that you want to be like, that has the “perfect” career, the “perfect relationship, and/or the “perfect” life — the one who you consider #goals, she’s been stressed before. She’s woken up wondering if her sacrifices were even worth it. If anyone noticed her work or if she was even on the right path. She’s lost some of her best friends while working late, working overtime and pursuing her dream life. She missed weddings and important events, slept on couches, had failed relationships, moved back home, had withdrawn accounts, and wondered if she’d ever make it. Her success seemed to have appeared overnight, when in actuality it was 8-10 years in the making. You thought her first business was a hit, it was actually her fifth after the other four failed. Whatever the case, that dope chick on your timeline that you follow that you feel is lucky to have it all, went through some real sh-t to get what she has now, and the only thing that will prevent you from being like her, is that you don’t quit. Know that you deserve that happiness that you are seeking. Your blessing can come today, or it can come ten years from now, you never know… opportunity can come knocking at your door tomorrow, but its important to keep betting on yourself, your dream and the life that you want. So the next time you scroll your timeline, and see that girl, that’s #goals, with the amazing career, the amazing love, the amazing life, always remember, what sets her apart is that she didn’t quit.


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