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Does This Office Thing Work??…

Pardon our mess…

So, I have a secret…

For the past year, I’ve been working and running my business from home and it has everything to do with my fear of long-term commitments.  I had an office in LA, however, when I moved back to the East Coast, I noticed a lot of commercial spaces in New York attempt to talk their tenants in to 2-3 year leases and that was scary to me.  If you’ve followed my story, you pretty much know that I’ve done a lot of state-hopping over the last few years.  I’ve lived in Washington, D.C, Baltimore, Detroit, Atlanta, Miami, New York and Los Angeles and lucky for me, I just happened to fall into a career that allows me the flexibility to pick up and go when I want.

But back to this office thing…

So I worked from home, but my experience was that I couldn’t really get a handle on productivity amongst staff and contractors.  Things that would normally take a few days to complete, would take weeks and it took hours of conference calls and emails back and forth to get everyone on the same page.  One day, after reading about Yahoo putting a ban on telecommuting, and me actually sitting and thinking about my frustrating experiences, I said to myself, “I have got to get a handle on my business. This is ridiculous!” [By the way, Yahoo!’s reasoning for cutting telecommuting and work-from-home employees was to increase interaction in the workplace and productivity among other things, and although people were in an uproar, it just made sense.]

Now with my experience, I like to hire ambitious people, especially from small towns who may not have access to the opportunities that girls who live