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– So My Grandmother Calls…

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Wow how God works! This morning at 7:54am my grandmother calls me. I remember looking at the phone and was two seconds from pressing IGNORE before thinking of what I wrote in my last blog post.  I picked up and she started with “Coley, I’ve been thinking about you so much and I just came across your number and had to call  you”.

We then talked about her health and I inquired about a few of my family members and how they were doing.  She asked how my business was doing and I explained the ups and downs. I told her despite of everything i’ve been through in the past year that I was finally in a happy space. I love my new place, love my team that i’ve built over the past few months, etc. I told her that my old college wanted me to come and speak to the students but I didn’t know if I was ready yet and she encouraged me to do so. I also told her about some of the magazines that I’ve been featured in and that I just feel so blessed and I thank God every day.  She then asked me the question she always asks when she speaks to me on the phone. Up until this point I used to cringe when she inquired but this time I was ready.

“So are you seeing anybody?”.