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The Black Weblog Awards ‘Blogger Of The Year’ Dinner

Necole Bitchie Blogger Of The Year Black Weblog AwardsNecole Bitchie Black Weblog Awards 2

Necole Bitchie Black Weblog Awards

On November 2, I was honored as the ‘Blogger Of The Year’ by the Black Weblog Awards in Houston, TX. Before I was presented with the award, they played a video tribute that featured my friends, business associates and those closest to me, and I was an emotional wreck afterwards.

In my speech, I talked about how it was always my dream to go from city to city and inspire people, but that was cut short when I went to college and people teased me for the way I talked. I also addressed how people can discourage others from following their dreams, and how we never know how our words will affect people.

It’s crazy how one person can say something that kills your dream. You really have to be careful with the way your words affect people and I think as celebrity gossip and entertainment bloggers, we don’t really realize how one thing we may say about a celebrity can really affect their dream. And I don’t want to be that person.

“I believe when someone gives you a platform to speak, you should always say something meaningful”

Catch my speech below:

Originally posted on NecoleBitchie.com

  • Rhonda Gipson-Willis
    25 Nov ’13

    What a wonderful testimony of the power of determination and the true face of the entrepreneur’s journey. Love your story, love your website, love your spirit. You have indeed come a long way. You are an inspiration. Job well done!

  • 4 Dec ’13

    I absolutely loved your testimony Nicole. The authenticity in your voice is so rare in this copycat world we live in today and it’s great to see a women in position of power telling it like it is and empowering people to be great! You have an amazing story to tell and you are going to help change women’s lives all over the world. I can’t wait to see you step into the forefront and start speaking. Wishing you a prosperous journey!

    God Bless ya Nicole,

  • 4 Dec ’13

    Necole, I have been following your story for about 4 years now, and I LOVE YOU….I like your blog but I love your personal blog more, because it’s sooo inspiring….It’s relatable, and I did not know you were 33 that really shocked me because you are gorge and you look 21…..But, I am happy you mentioned your age I will be 30 next year and you know as you get older you just think you don’t have time to start over or get something good going, but coming to your blog always encourages me and inspires me!!! I would love to actually sit and talk to you!! and what’s funny I use to attend UMES, LOL…. Please continue to share your story, I appreciate the fact that you are living out your dreams and walking in your purpose!!….. God bless you!!!

  • Sabrina R. Graham
    4 Feb ’14

    Hi Necole, you are a shining star and inspiration to so many girls and women around the world. I read and listened to your story at the Blogger Awards. I was moved to tears about what you said about being broke and essentially wanting to make a name for yourself at the “next level”. I see myself in you and my age far exceeds yours nevertheless, I have never stopped dreaming and believing that I could make “a difference” in the lives of others. Yes, like you said, “you have to keep pushing.” Again, you are such an inspiration and I can’t wait to see what you are going to do next. God can make a way out of no way. He can and he will.

    Peace and Love,

    Sabrina R. Graham, Aspiring Blogger/Entrepreneur
    Buffalo, New York

  • 9 Apr ’14

    well deserved !

  • Diamond
    16 May ’14

    Necole is so awesomeeeeeee! Especially being from Maryland she is MY inspiration. I dont know what my dreams are yet but when i figure them out I wont let anyone steal them because of you!!

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