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Yes, It Gets Better

I’m starting to look back on a lot of times in my life where I asked myself “does it get better?” And the answer is:

Yes. It gets better.

You get better.

The people you surround yourself with get better.

The people you fall in love with gets better.

Everything gets better.

You find strength in every struggle.

I’m so not afraid to tell people I don’t have it altogether. I thought I had it all figured out at one point and I didn’t. So I had to dissemble my entire life and put it back together. I had to unlearn everything I ever thought I knew. I had to let go of anything and anyone that countered my evolution. I had to get to know myself all over again. And in that process I realized that all those things we dream about like peace, joy, and happiness are found in the simplest things in life instead of everyone else’s grand idea of what your life should look like or how poppin you should be.

And soul mates?

I thank God every day that I didn’t settle.

Because the old me would have attracted a different type of Him, and that different him I would have likely outgrown.

Sometimes you have to take time off from dating, trying to chase the ideal relationship and forcing people to see how amazing you are, and recognize those things in yourself first. To fill your days with things you enjoy,  versus things and people you don’t. To love up on and appreciate who you are in a sea of criticism, studies and reports telling you what you are not. Because when you get to that place of freedom, that’s when you attract and manifest what is for you, the friends that are for you, the career that is for you and ultimately the love that is for you…

–And that’s where true happiness lies.

I admit that I love to force things to happen as a result of wanting to control my life but I’ve been taking a back seat to patience and faith lately, and as a result, I’m enjoying every minute of the slow ride.

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  • 1 Apr ’17

    I love this❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 1 Apr ’17

    Thank you for being brave enough to reinvent the wheel and choosing to follow what you felt in heart. Much happiness and peace of mind.

    P.S need a scholarship so point me in the right direction please. #Shamelessplug.

  • 1 Apr ’17

    Your such an inspiration Necole! I love reading the things you post! You can feel the sense of calm and happiness.

  • 1 Apr ’17

    Love this❤! Thank You for being so transparent about your journey. This is even confirmation for not only myself but a lot of women. Peace, Joy, & Happiness! ❤

  • 1 Apr ’17

    You have simply given me the confirmation i needed and i thank u for making the chaos inside calm through these words. Now i can hear them and i relate because as i was reading it. My own voice was saying this for a while now. I dont know how and i admit i need help. But the biggest help that comes will b from myself. TY again

  • 1 Apr ’17

    Amazing advice

  • 1 Apr ’17

    I ❤ it! This is so very true. I needed to read this.

  • 1 Apr ’17

    Thank you . I needed this. Well said.

  • 1 Apr ’17

    Yasssss Queen!

  • 1 Apr ’17

    You poppin Nicole! No homo!

  • 1 Apr ’17

    I know you don’t have it together but my dream is still to meet you one day lol

  • 1 Apr ’17

    Empower Empower

  • 2 Apr ’17

    I needed this.

  • 2 Apr ’17

    Love it!

  • 2 Apr ’17

    Sounds exactly like my life!!!
    I didn’t get it till just 3 years ago and every since, I’ve been living as a free spirit and I’ve never been better! The bad times aren’t even so bad anymore because I got nothing but GOOD, free spirited people around me! Like attracts like!

  • 2 Apr ’17

    Well if i didnt just damn read this THE moment I needed to. Ch… preach!

  • 2 Apr ’17

    I also wish more women would share their struggles instead of hiding them. We would be surprised at how much we have in common!

  • 2 Apr ’17

    You so beautiful ❣ true: life is like a little game: you win or loose some but never forget it’s you who control the remote, big hug all the way from Belgium

  • 3 Apr ’17

    Well said❤

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