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The Black Weblog Awards ‘Blogger Of The Year’ Dinner

Necole Bitchie Blogger Of The Year Black Weblog AwardsNecole Bitchie Black Weblog Awards 2

Necole Bitchie Black Weblog Awards

On November 2, I was honored as the ‘Blogger Of The Year’ by the Black Weblog Awards in Houston, TX. Before I was presented with the award, they played a video tribute that featured my friends, business associates and those closest to me, and I was an emotional wreck afterwards.

In my speech, I talked about how it was always my dream to go from city to city and inspire people, but that was cut short when I went to college and people teased me for the way I talked. I also addressed how people can discourage others from following their dreams, and how we never know how our words will affect people.

It’s crazy how one person can say something that kills your dream. You really have to be careful with the way your words affect people and I think as celebrity gossip and entertainment bloggers, we don’t really realize how one thing we may say about a celebrity can really affect their dream. And I don’t want to be that person.

“I believe when someone gives you a platform to speak, you should always say something meaningful”

Catch my speech below:

My Interview With Houston’s 97.9 The Box

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 6.57.19 AM
Shortly after the Black Weblog Awards in Houston earlier this month, I sat down with JJ of Houston’s 97.9 ‘The Box’ for some chit-chat on blogging.

Catch the highlights:

On why I don’t bash celebs on my website
First of all, I know there are girls watching and they want to mimic what you do, and if you are out there bullying people, then they feel like it’s cool and then they are going to want to bully people. I’m also getting older. When I first got into the game, I said what I wanted about people, and then it took me back to a place where people said things that weren’t so nice about me, and I said [to myself], ‘How did that make you feel?’ Once you do that, you strive to do better.

I was having a conversation with my videographer earlier, and I said that I always think about my legacy. Nelly recently said

My Interview On The Breakfast Club Morning Show

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 10.52.56 AM
A trip to New York wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t stop by Power 105.1FM’s Breakfast Club Morning Show. I’ve followed DJ Envy, Charlamagne and Angela Yee’s careers for a long time and our relationship is one of mutual respect, so I had to drop by to tell them how much I’ve appreciated their support. While there, I dished on the behind-the-scenes of blogging (a lot of the things that people do not know about like lawsuits), as well as celebrities I may or may not have dated, and beef with bloggers.

Take a listen below:

My Visit To The Sway In The Morning Show

Sway and Necole Bitchie Tracy G

Last Monday, I stopped by “Sway In The Morning” to chop it up with Sway, Heather B and Tracy G as the featured guest on celebrity wire.  While there, I talked a little about blogging before diving into the hot discussion of the day; ‘Should  women propose to men?’

I absolutely would not! Ever!

Anyway, since it was a celebrity news segment, Tracy started things off by revealing that Jenny McCarthy recently said that she made the first move when it came to approaching her current boyfriend Donnie Wahlberg, and she wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up being the one to propose.

Now, keep in mind, Chrissy from Love & Hip Hop proposed to her longtime boyfriend Jim Jones and although he said “Yes,” the couple haven’t gotten married yet, however, actor Michael Jai White’s ex-wife Courtenay Chapman proposed to him and he married her two days later. [Hey, it works for some folks!!]

Catch highlights from our thoughts on the “Women Proposing To Men” topic below:

Sway: There’s nothing wrong with [a woman proposing to a man.]

What I would do is take that proposal and tell her to hold it and allow me to do it bigger and better but if a woman knows what she wants…Heather B: Who does this work for? What females propose to what men? It doesn’t work…

Necole: I definitely wouldn’t. Men, they normally wait until they are ready financially. If I’m making that decision for him, I’m probably wearing the pants in the relationship and I don’t want to wear the pants.

Men are so passive nowadays. You gotta guide them to do everything. You might have to [propose] in 2014. In 2013/2014, men aren’t taking the initiative

Nominated Best Entertainment Site At The Soul Train Music Awards

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 5.44.12 AM

NecoleBitchie.com has been nominated for ‘Best Entertainment Website or Blog’ once again this year.   I am honored.

As many of you know, when I wrote “Give Me A Voice And A Mountain” post back in July, I was at a crossroads in my life and career. It was back then that I had to make the decision on whether I would descend the mountain or if I was going to start climbing in an attempt to get to the top again, and I made the decision to climb.

Thank you all for your well wishes and encouraging words during that time.

Now, **clears throat*** please help a sista out and click here to vote (LOL!)

In case you missed it, catch me getting emotional as I accepted the ‘Best Soul Site’ award at the 2011 Soul Train Music Awards below: