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From Make Up To No Make Up: My Beauty Regimen Revamped

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 6.19.24 PM

I am a lover of a BEAT face.  I can’t tell you how giddy I get when a huge event is coming up or I have to film something for TV and I get to get my makeup done. I normally use the amazing Porsche Cooper (photo on the left) but when I have to do it myself, I dabble on some MAC Studio Fix,  Mac N9 on my cheeks to contour, black liquid liner on the upper lid, a good lash (MAC #7 or Ja’Maal Buster Diva Lash) and a red lip (Nars dragon girl, or MAC Russian red) and I’m on my way.

The downside is that you can’t wake up looking flawless every day, and jumping up out of the bed before your man wakes to throw on some concealer and mascara will get tiresome after awhile. Trust me, I never tried it […well maybe once for a guy I wasn’t serious about..(LOL)], but I know that struggle is real.

Besides, if you let my makeup artist tell it, you will age yourself 7 days for each time you sleep in your perfectly painted mask, and those 7 days will turn into years…and you get the point.

To avoid all of this, I’m trying to do better with my daily facial cleansing which includes, Aveeno Moisturizing wipes  to remove the make up, (it makes your face feel so soft afterward) and pure coconut oil or Bobbi Brown hydrant on my face at night (when I can remember.) As mentioned before, for a long time, I washed my face with St. Ives Apricot scrub and Neutrogena Acne Wash almost every morning, and that has worked for years, however I just recently switched up my regimen.

Click below and I’ll give you a peek at my face without make up, plus share my facial cleansing regimen I currently use to keep my skin clear and discoloration free:

Necole Bitchie no make up

This is me, with a clean face, right after using my face brush followed by a face mask.

I recently invested in a Clarasonic Mia 2 Face brush and to be honest, I was skeptical at first.  That price is STEEEEEP (Retail $120-149) compared to other face brushes at your local convenience store, but so far so good. [disclaimer: I’ve always had clear skin so I’m not sure if it performs a miracle if you have issues with discolorations, rashes or pimples but for someone that puts on make up often, I feel that it does a good job of really getting deep in the pores  vs. just using wipes.]  I normally rub Purity Face Cleanser on my face first, and then gently slide the brush over the cleanser until I feel like my face is completely clean.  The brush turns in a circular motion and kind of sucks at your skin lightly (which makes me feel like it’s actually doing something…).

Necole Bitchie in a face mask

The other day I used a Etre Belle Aloe Vera & Collagen Hydro Mask that I found lying around the house from a beauty gift bag for the first time, and I will say it had my face glowing.  The price is a little steep for my taste but I’m sure there are some collagen masks on the market that you can get for a lot cheaper.  The collagen smooths out the skin and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles so that you can keep your face looking youthful and the aloe vera moisturizes and softens the skin.  Complete win!

Back to my make up!

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 7.19.18 PM
I’ll try to keep this up and will report back in a few months.

What products are you currently using to keep your face soft and youthful?

Bonus: A word from my friend Toye:

  • Giddy1
    4 Aug ’13

    Grrrr….I’m on a budget, but I might give it a try if Proactiv doesn’t work.

    • Giddy1
      4 Aug ’13

      I’ll pick one up tomorrow. Thankies!

  • Fadzai
    4 Aug ’13

    You’re a very beautiful person Necole, inside and out! I’ve been following your site ever since it came up and your story is such an inspiration because it runs in my head every time I read one of your posts. Your greatest attribute has definitely been your strong yet sweet character and your ability to bring good tea without bringing the burn. You hit people with an affect that has no pressure and you’re so free-spirited. You do what you do WELL and I am glad to call myself a faithful reader of necolebitchie.com!

  • Bobbi Duncan
    4 Aug ’13

    Ooohh@collagen face mask. Sounds like it would do wonders for the skin. Either way, great look, Necole:-)

  • Missy May
    4 Aug ’13

    You got a good skin. And good teeth too

  • Natasha
    4 Aug ’13

    You look very beautiful. Your face looks fresh and I don’t mean to be mean…….But, you’re way prettier without the makeup .

  • tee lanae
    10 Aug ’13

    zapzyt to beat acne…
    and queen helene mud pack masque or the oatmeal and honey scrub.

  • Candice Anna
    24 Aug ’13

    Lol you are so right. Some days I cleanse 3x a day because I have blemishes. I surely don’t want to fall behind 7 days hahaa.

    • 22 Oct ’13

      @Candice Anna,

      How are you? I saw your comment and felt compelled to respond. I felt the same way I used to wash my skin a ton but then I noticed that my skin continued to break out. So what happens when you wash your skin is..the skin say’s “omgosh I don’t have any moisture AND I have to keep producing moisture”. The problem is that skin is unable to produce moisture so when it tries it produces OIL. :/ When the skin gets oily it creates breakouts then the cycle continues. To prevent this you should wash your skin only 2x a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening (to take off makeup if you wear it). Then moisturize! This is the most important step. It will help regulate your skin. If you can at night add in a heavier moisturizer and eye cream. I hope this helps. 🙂

      P.S. I know you probably did not expect an answer from someone random so I hope you do not take offense. Have a lovely one.


  • 29 Aug ’13

    I have combo skin that is very sensitive and acne prone. I have been using the Mary Kay timewise set since last october and my skin has improved quite a bit. I also bought a sonic cleansing brush, not the clarisonic though. It’s a sirius sonic brush (you can ge tthem on Amazon for about $25). I exfoliate once a week with Creamy Jojoba Facial Scrub nad once a month I do a mask with Freeman’s Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask.

  • Dee
    14 Oct ’13

    Hey Necole!

    I actually have Troublesome skin, and I was lucky enough to get a job at a place that rhymes with “Plush”. Their products are actually really great, but just like many products, once you stop using them, the problems start to arise.
    Despite that, I will say that their skin care products work extremely fast. I usually exfoliate two times a week with either Ocean Salt (Sea Salt, vodka infused limes, avocado) or Herbalism (A softer exfoliation with avocado oil, ground almond shells, rice vinegar).
    I then follow up with a mask. My favorites are Cosmetic Warrior (Garlic, tea tree oil, kaolin clay) or BB Seaweed (Seaweed, agar agar gel, clay) They are usually about $6.95 and last for about 2 1/2 weeks, as they contain fresh ingredients.
    If the longevity poses an issue, Target has a brand called BELLA masks, and they work GREAT! They have many to choose from, depending on your skin. I then follow up with pure almond oil.

    ** I think its also important to remember that good skin comes from within! Eating right, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping without makeup can help improve your skin’s appearance!**

  • Belinda B
    4 Jun ’14

    I concur with Fadzai. You are a huge inspiration and I’m totally stanning for you. I have always loved your celebrity blog but I LOVE your personal blog. You are such a great person to draw motivation from and I sincerely wish you the best of luck in everything that you pursue. xoxo

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