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Nominated for 2011 Soul Train Award

Nominated for 2011 Soul Train Award

I found out I was nominated for a Soul Train Award today!!! I didn’t even know they nominated sites but they do…and I’m in the category of Best Soul Site. Thanks for all of your love and support. It’s because of you that I am even being considered for the award.


  • 29 Oct ’11

    Oh wow! Congrats Necole!!!

  • Shay
    29 Oct ’11

    No, thank you Necole. It is your site that gets me through the days, especially the comments. Sometimes I laugh out loud so hard. You contribute to helping my inner light become brighter. You are an inspiration. Love you!

    Xoxo, Shay

  • Me
    31 Oct ’11


  • 31 Oct ’11

    Congrats Necole!! You deserve it! Your blog is the first one I ever read and it inspired me to start my own. Thanks for being an inspiration and keep having fun with it.

  • Kemi Robinson
    31 Oct ’11

    Congratulations! with hard work comes great harvest and recognition.
    keep growing through life and blogging about it. someone is watching taking notes so that they too can get there 🙂

  • 1 Nov ’11

    Congrats! That’s awesome.

  • 2 Nov ’11


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