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If You Pray For It, Make Sure You Are Ready For It

Have you been paying close attention to what you pray, wish and hope for lately?

For me, it has most definitely been a life of balance.  All of my prayers seem to revolve around a career that I’m passionate about, having amazing empowering friendships, a healthy lifestyle and a partner to share my life journey with. 

The thing about prayers is, God answers them fairly quickly without us even realizing it. As we maneuver through life, wondering if he’s forgotten about us to tend to someone else, he is positioning us for the perfect moment to slam dunk on our #lifegoals. 

The problem is, a lot of times, we are guilty of blocking our blessings when they come.  For example, a huge job opportunity may come your way, one that’s far bigger than what you imagined and paying far more than you ever imagined you’d be making, and the first thought that runs through your head could be, “I don’t deserve this. I’m don’t have enough experience. I will mess this one up.

Says who?

We have to be conscious of the messages we continue to tell ourselves.  Especially when they scream, “I’m not worthy!”

Normally this is caused by fear which paralyzes us from growing and becoming the person we are meant to be, with the career we are mean’t to have, and the life we are meant to live. 

It is the same with relationships. I’m super guilty of saying, “God, I’m ready for my soul mate now. I’ve gotten myself together,” but the moment a guy approaches me, I throw out body language, hints and clues that I’m not available. When I am talking to or dating a guy who is phenomenal and I really start to like him, I create a million excuses of why he’s not the right one, or this isn’t the right time and talk myself right out of it going any further.   

I always claim it’s my intuition but a lot of times, it’s really my fear. 

My newest youtube vlog (which is really short and to the point) tackles this topic. It was inspired by a few situations that happened to me over the past few days. It also was inspired by me randomly meeting a guy just weeks after I said to myself, “Now I’m ready to date, meet guys and potentially be in a relationship.”  

My energy and actions said otherwise. 

Hope you enjoy!

  • 3 May ’17

    Necole if hes your true divine counterpart trust me yall will see each other again one day xo!!

    • Iris Kirkland
      18 Jul ’17

      I agree with you Dendra Jones, if it’s meant to be, they will see each other again. But maybe it was just God’s way of showing Necole that He hears her and when the time is right her blessing will come. ; )

  • 3 May ’17

    this message right here… it’s screamin my name!! beyond guilty! thank you Necole

  • 3 May ’17

    Omg this is me!!!!!

  • 3 May ’17

    Just called me out lol.

  • 3 May ’17


  • 4 May ’17

    Yup, it’s called sabotage !

  • 4 May ’17

    Yes!! I see why God took his time with some things with me! Who knew I had to be ready!

    Reminds me of my favorite song off Kendrick’s damn. album called Fear.
    Love it!

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